Walk for Mental Health Equality

Help The Women’s Center raise funds and awareness for accessible mental healthcare by going for a walk, run, bike, hike, or participating in whatever physical exercise you prefer! Physical exercise is proven to boost your mental health, so this is the perfect opportunity to take care of yourself while also helping your community. Here’s how to do it:

  1. During the week of August 22-30, 2020, make a donation to The Center by clicking here.
  2. Set off for your walk, run, hike, etc!
  3. Optional: Spread the word! Tag @WomensCenterOrg on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn in a photo of yourself during your exercise with the hashtag #mentalhealthequality. Encourage your friends and family to participate!

For almost 50 years, The Women’s Center has been dedicated to providing the greater Washington, DC area with affordable and accessible mental healthcare services. We serve over 5,000 people each year and help all ages, genders, races, and walks of life. Whether it’s counseling, domestic violence advocacy, or career-building, no one is ever turned away from The Center due to an inability to pay.