The Women’s Center was founded forty-five years ago by women who wrapped their arms around neighbors who were facing some of life’s most difficult challenges, and walked with them on their journey into a brighter future.

Today, this legacy of compassionate response continues at The Women’s Center. We welcome your gifts and talents to help us meet our mission. From our trained Information and Referral volunteers to the army of people it takes to mount a Leadership Conference for over 700 people every year, we couldn’t provide essential counseling, support, advocacy, and education without the effort of our volunteers.

All monthly volunteer information sessions are virtual.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community?

We welcome your gifts and talents to help us meet our mission. Find out several different volunteer opportunities that we offer.

Administrative Office Assistance (As needed)

This is a great way for volunteers to earn service hours or spend a few hours each week on administrative tasks at The Center. The Women’s Center hours of operation are 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

To volunteer at The Women’s Center, click on Become a Volunteer to submit your application.


Every year we host a Leadership Conference and Fall Gala with the support of committees. These event committees include auction and sponsorship subcommittees. If you are interested in being a part of an event committee or sponsorship subcommittee, please email Maureen Wiley at mwiley@thewomenscenter.org. If you would like to join our auction subcommittee, please email Pam Boyle at pboyle@thewomenscenter.org.

Information & Referral (I&R)

An I&R volunteer will man the phones of The Center and provide information about The Center and its services, assist callers with resources, handle crisis calls, and assist walk-in clients. The I&R manager will discuss the program requirements at the volunteer meeting and will address different stages of the training required to become an I&R volunteer. Later the I&R candidates will be identified and contacted to schedule training dates. For more information, email Angela McGlawn at amcglawn@thewomenscenter.org.


Your name will be added to our database and we will contact you as opportunities arise. For the most part, these activities take place evenings and weekends. You can see workshop offerings by clicking here.

For more information, email Angela McGlawn at amcglawn@thewomenscenter.org.

Special Project (As needed)

In order to find the right role for you and the best fit for The Center, we will discuss your skills and interests and determine if there are any projects available that can mutually suit your goals while satisfying the needs and requirements of The Center. We will also discuss hours of availability on a weekly basis (these hours can be as little as 5 hours a week).



Please contact, Angela McGlawn

Client Support Supervisor & Volunteer Manager

Email: amcglawn@thewomenscenter.org

Phone: 703-281-4928 #200