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The Women’s Center offers a number of groups to help individuals connect and grow. Joining a group is a great option if you are seeking connection, looking for others who share similar experiences, or would like to find new coping skills and strategies. Groups offer a space to share and to receive a broader range of perspectives. Additonally, groups can be a great place to work on relationship and social skills as well. Please see below for full descriptions of all currently available groups.

If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1. 

Location & Rates

Groups are available in both Vienna, VA and DC. Please note the location of the specific group.

Initial Therapy Group Consultation


Therapy Group Participation Fee

$35/per session

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Reduced fee and sliding fee scale options available, based on financial need.

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Group Descriptions

Coping with Anxiety Therapy Group

A group of women create a supportive environment to address existential, generalized, and social, anxieties sometimes rooted in difficult childhoods. The group leader facilitates orientation, psychoeducation, ventilation of external stressors, exploration of identity and life purpose issues, stress management skills acquisition, and restructuring of thinking about challenging circumstances, core beliefs, anxieties, and their triggers. Group members rehearse social skills. They role-play new behaviors and practice gradual exposure to feared activities freeing themselves to live more fully. With skills training, group members self-monitor, self-regulate, and debrief each other’s change efforts. This small group benefits women in individual therapy.

Coping with Separation & Divorce Therapy Group

A group of women create a supportive environment to address the challenges of facing or healing from separation and divorce. This group offers a space for connection and growth. There is a focus on formulating and implementing personal strategies for dealing with the emotional and situational changes of this life experience.

Depression Therapy Group

In this group women will work together to eliminate the core symptoms of depression and support each other as they establish joyful lives. Participants will learn about depression, set personal goals, and then work to achieve those goals.

The goals will relate to establishing a regular sleep pattern, engaging in pleasurable and achievement-oriented activities, regulating mood, altering negative self-talk and depression-generating beliefs, and controlling obsessive and/or perfectionist thinking. They will select and examine events in their lives to set behavior change goals that they will work toward at their own pace in order to produce desired outcomes.

The overall aim is to function in all dimensions of life with a sense of contentment, while embracing the ups and downs of living.

Anxiety & Depression Support Group

Functioning with anxiety and depression can be difficult. Without the proper support and tools, people often feel isolated and negative about themselves and their environments. Participants will connect with other individuals who are going through similar struggles, learn emotional regulation skills, expand coping skills, connect with resources to help reinforce group themes, explore self-care practices, and talk openly in a safe environment.

Women’s Therapy Group (Meets in DC)

Women navigating life transitions across the lifespan meet to talk about their experiences. They talk about healthy lifestyles, assertive communication, mood, altering negative self-talk, anxiety and depression-generating beliefs, and controlling obsessive and/or perfectionist thinking. Attention is paid to the therapeutic value of interpersonal interactions within the group milieu. Members address issues arising within the milieu so do neither discuss issues with individual therapists nor meet outside of group sessions.

Break the Cycle: Support Group for Victims of Domestic Violence

Throughout its 45 years, The Center has helped thousands of victims of domestic violence reclaim their lives through the Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence Program (Break the Cycle). This program provides critical components in the continuum of care for victims that help them find physical safety, economic stability, and improved mental health. Specific services include: crisis intervention; court accompaniment; trauma-informed, evidence-based mental health counseling; information about accessing and navigating the criminal, civil, housing, legal, medical, mental health and other service systems; safety planning; referrals to community resources; education about the dynamics of domestic violence and its cyclical nature; long-term care management; financial education and counseling; career mentoring and individual coaching; and, social-connection support groups that foster empowerment and development of trusted connections. In addition, the program provides education to victims and the community and support to the clinicians working with victims of domestic violence through training, peer and supervisory support.

This program is fully funded by a grant and is free to participants.

Shame and Self-Esteem Therapy Group

What is shame and why is it so painful? What does it take to become more resilient? Learning to understand yourself and develop self-compassion is essential to improving self-esteem, maintaining healthy relationships, and experiencing satisfaction in life. In this group, participants will work with a therapist to identify strengths, challenge entrenched thought patterns, shift from external to internal validation, explore mind-body connections, and develop new ways to relate to ourselves and others.

Women Empowered

  • Led by Amanda McKenna on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Stop sitting on the sidelines and take charge of your life today. The group will help you to learn the ways to feel good about yourself, find your voice, and move forward in life through goal setting. Each session is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length.

To express your interest in participation, please contact the group’s manager at and leave your name and best mode of contact.


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