On July 28, 2016

Limited Time Free Access: Mindful Leadership Summer Series Webinars

The Leadership Center has been celebrating the start of summer with a free webinar series that highlights both the “being” and “doing” of life and leadership. Practical tools you can learn (or be reminded of) can be put to immediate use are presented for 30 minutes, with optional time for Q&A.

View our first webinar in the series here:

Why Should You C.A.R.E.? Webinar Recording

presented by Donna Pearring, MS, PCC, CCMC
facilitated by Shirley Clark, CEO & Executive Director

Effective communication is at the foundation of any success. Whether you are trying to:

*work through a complicated business challenge,
*productively work with a colleague;
*discuss a sensitive issue with your spouse, partner or friend; or even
*reason with your teenager,
how we communicate and interact with others will impact the outcome.

Our second webinar in the summer series can be found here:

Energy Management: A Holistic Alternative to Time and Stress Management

The slides for our final webinar in the summer series: “Conscious Confidence” presented by Sandra Moncrief-Stuart, LCSW, can be downloaded here:

Concscious Confidence.

Traditional assertiveness training has focused on defining passive, assertive and aggressive behaviors, and developing skills that promote assertive interaction. However, research in recent years has provided us with more information on how to prepare oneself to be more aware of one’s own thoughts and presence. Combining this knowledge with traditional assertiveness training enhances everyone’s ability to be consciously confidently in all a wide variety of situations.

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