On June 30, 2015

I Take Care

You do so much to take care of the community and those you love, and to do this, it is imperative to stay healthy, in body, mind and spirit. Yet many of us neglect the “mind” part of our being. Somehow, over the years, improving our physical health has become something we literally wear on our sleeves with wristband fitness trackers and fitness goal-sharing apps, and yet taking care of our mental health is still something we don’t talk about often.

At The Women’s Center, we hope to change the stigma about mental health by bringing awareness to the many ways that all of us take care of our mental health – every day. We take care to reduce stress in our lives through exercise or meditation, to find our life’s true purpose in our home or work life, to communicate more effectively with those we love, or create plans to get a promotion or find financial freedom. Just like preventative practices with our physical health, these practices help us to become resilient so that when health challenges come, we are able to take care of ourselves, our families and our community.

I Take Care buttonThe Women’s Center is your go-to resource, ready to help you take care of your mental health. You’ll find therapists and advocates, professional counselors, coaches, legal and financial consultants, workshop facilitators, volunteers and staff ready to provide information and resources to help you take care.

Let us know how you take care – of yourself, your loved ones, your community. Email Shirley Clark with your story – and we’ll send you an “I Take Care” button you can wear with pride, helping us start a community conversation about how we can all end the stigma around taking care of our mental health.

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