On August 26, 2015

A note on reduced-fee and sliding scale services

The Women’s Center functions as a teaching institution for mental health professionals, and provides one of the largest, and most prestigious and competitive training programs in the region. The Center trains graduate students enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree counseling, social work, and psychology programs (clinical students: click here to learn how to apply). Similar to a teaching hospital, these interns provide reduced fee services, including counseling and psychological assessments, under the supervision of licensed clinicians.

The hourly fee will vary based on what type of clinician you see

Sessions with fully licensed therapists may be covered by insurance – please call us to find out if we can take your insurance. Without insurance, the fee varies slightly depending on the therapist, between $110 – $130/hour.

Clinicians who have completed their internship or externship and graduated with a degree (such as Clinical Social Work or Counseling), must then complete a certain number of clinical hours before they can sit for the exam to become licensed. They’re known as Residents in Counseling or Supervisees in Social Work, depending on the type of degree they’re seeking, but here they are often referred to simply as pre-licensed therapists. Sessions with a pre-licensed therapist are not covered by insurance, but we offer a reduced rate of $49/hour to see one of these highly qualified therapists.

For those with deeper financial need, we are able to offer care on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay. Your therapist will be a clinical student under the supervision of a licensed clinician.

Call now to make an appointment

To make an appointment and discuss what type of clinician is right for you, please call our Intake office at (703) 281-2657. Our Intake staff is made up of students in our clinical training program supervised by pre-licensed therapists, so they are well qualified to talk you through the options for care at The Women’s Center. Click here to find out about hours and locations.

For appointments in DC, please call (202) 293-4580.

Click here to find out what to expect at your first appointment.

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