On September 15, 2016

A Mindful Life: Video Archive

The Leadership Center at The Women’s Center is extending the popular FREE webinars: Mindful Leadership and A Mindful Life!

Start your day by committing to yourself! These free webinars introduce techniques from seasoned professionals on how to increase your well-being moment by moment, day by day by addressing key challenges many of us face. Allow yourself to be full of presence and purpose: learn to live a balanced life, both at work and in your free time.

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August 30th – Everyday Courage: The Hidden Power of Vulnerability
presented by Anna Rosa Zamora, Certified Integral Coach

Vulnerability is a concept that is often misunderstood. While some believe it is weak to practice vulnerability, others confuse it with the act of oversharing. Both misconceptions keep us from having meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. Further, not engaging with our vulnerability keeps us from taking risks by living through our creativity and courage.

The truth is: to be vulnerable is to be alive. When vulnerability is understood in the context of trust, boundaries, and connection, it encourages risk in ways that can promote creativity and innovation in the workplace and increases greater intimacy in personal relationships.

September 13th – “Are Your Limiting Beliefs Your Own Glass Ceiling?”
presented by Eileen Long-Farias, LPC and Shirley Clark, CLC

We all have unconscious, unrecognized beliefs about ourselves that may inhibit our professional success. Becoming aware of these limiting beliefs through mindful daily practices can lesson their impact and allow us to realize our full potential.

September 20th – Activating Your Sense of Agency the Key to Balance
presented by Eileen Long-Farias, LPC

One of the keys to balancing the many demands and roles in our lives is by activating our Sense of Agency. Having an awareness on this sense of self allows us to be mindfully proactive in all areas of our lives. Daily practices to strengthen our sense of agency will be introduced.

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