COVID-19 has impacted women more than any other group. Since the pandemic began early last year, challenges including job loss, financial insecurity, anxiety, and depression have plagued women across the country. It is critical that women have affordable counseling options in their community to remain resilient through this difficult time.

A recent article in the New York Times noted, “almost 1 million mothers have left the workforce—with Black mothers, Hispanic mothers and single mothers among the hardest hit.”

The result: a mental health crisis for mothers. As schools closed, parents were forced to make tough decisions about childcare, distance learning and their careers. In many cases, women were offered no flexibility from their employers. Working from home was either not approved, or their jobs made it impossible. Close to 70 percent of mothers surveyed reported that worry and stress are damaging their physical health.

Additionally, UN Women reported an increase in domestic violence against women during COVID-19, calling it a “shadow pandemic.” Abusers have trapped women who are sheltering in place, cut-off from support networks. During this time, women have been unable to connect with services for fear of even greater retribution.

Affordable counseling from The Women’s Center

It will take supportive resources for women to emerge from this mental health crisis. The Women’s Center offers several services to help women get their lives back on track, including:

  • Domestic violence and sexual assault services: Escaping an abusive environment is just the beginning of the journey to healing and self-reliance. We offer support along the way to address housing, mental health care, economic security, safety, and provide legal resources.
  • Career counseling and education: We offer a variety of services to help individuals with their careers, such as job-search and career counseling, strengths assessments and skill development.
  • Affordable counseling for individuals, couples and families: We offer short and long-term therapy to clients of all ages and genders, including individual services, youth and family services as well as group therapy.

As we emerge from the pandemic, women will need affordable counseling from their community to re-gain their health. At The Center, we are ready to rise to the occasion to help women of the greater Washington, D.C. area heal through affordable counseling, support, and education.

If this post resonated with you and you need our support, please call us at  (703) 242-1454 to learn more about our services.

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