Facilitated and led by members of the community as well as therapists and staff of The Women’s Center, our workshops and webinars provide an opportunity to learn from experts in their fields.

Topics are presented based on community needs and requests in areas relating to Career, Family, Personal Growth and Separation & Divorce.

The Women’s Center also hosts an annual Leadership Conference where hundreds of corporate and community members join to hear from leaders in media, government, corporations, nonprofits, sports and small businesses.

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"I attended in your class for ABC's for starting business on the last Thursday at Women's Center. It was the most awesome class that is so well instructed. I am very proud of you. Thank you so much for your effort and time." - JULIA

Federal Job Applications
With federal government job opportunities becoming a bit more restricted in the Washington, D.C. metro area, there is no better time to understand the appropriate strategies for applying for federal positions. In this workshop a federal expert with over 25 years of experience in the federal sector will guide you through:

  • Status of federal opportunities
  • Federal sources of current information
  • – the latest version
  • Federal-styled resume template
  • Pro-active federal job search strategies

Job Interview Skills
Your resume was good enough to obtain an interview. Now what? Interviewing for a job is like a first date; you are nurturing a relationship. What do you have to offer? What do you want? How do you make the interviewer want to hire you? Do you have a success story? Or more than one? How do you negotiate the salary you want? This workshop answers these questions and more.

Networking Skills
This workshop focuses on networking skills as the #1 job search marketing tool. Learn about:

  • Job Search Marketing Plan
  • Informational Interviewing
  • 90 Second Commercial
  • Linkedin
  • Sample Questions to be Asked

Re-Entering the Workforce
Are you thinking of going back to work after a long absence from the workplace? Perhaps you have been raising children. Perhaps your 401K is now a 201K and you need to supplement your retirement dollars. Whatever the reason might be, re-entering the work-a-day world and finding a job can seem like a daunting prospect. This session is designed to address your questions and provide you with some essential pointers on how to get started including:

  • The nature of the job market
  • What hiring managers are looking for
  • Proactive & reactive job search strategies
  • The key steps of a targeted job search
  • Key competitive advantages and how to develop them
  • Addressing the issue of your absence on your resume

Resume Development 
Resume Development Workshop identifies the ingredients and format of a successful federal or private sector résumé including how to define measurable successes, how to market your successes through a resume and how to be responsive to the job expectations identified in a job vacancy announcement.

The agenda will include:

  • Resume essentials
  • Personal Success Jogger Questions to identify measurable success
  • Appropriate resume format for government positions
  • Sample Federal-styled and private sector resumes
  • Sample Federal and private sector vacancy announcements

Empowerment and Resilience-Building for Teens, a summer program students

In this week-long summer program brought to the community by The Women’s Center, participants will use discussion, movement and the arts to connect to others and work with their own strengths and challenges. The program is designed by Women’s Center professionals to:

Construct Courage: Identify vulnerabilities, develop critical decision-making skills

Cultivate Confidence: Recognize strengths, build resiliency

Care for Connections: Learn about healthy relationships with friends and family

Create Calm: Practice stress reduction and mindfulness

Summer 2016 Program:

August 1 – 5 or August 8 -12 | Program at Vienna Presbyterian Church (Register)


Family Abuse: What Is It and What Can You Do About It? (FREE)

  • What does family abuse look like?
  • Could it be happening to you or someone you know?
  • What stops those who experience family abuse from getting the help they need?
  • What are the barriers to getting help?
  • Why is it so difficult to understand, identify, and even harder to stop?
  • What are some of the options and resources in the community (including the protective order process)?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind, join us for a session that will help you identify and learn how to most effectively deal with the pattern of coercive behaviors associated with family abuse, including (but not limited to) physical and sexual violence, threats of violence, emotional and psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, economic and financial control, spiritual abuse, and destruction of property.

During the presentation, a survivor/advocate will tell her story and her experiences going through the Protective Order court process from Intake through Trial. Bring your questions.


Coming Soon: Parenting Workshops


Please email us at if you are interested in upcoming programs for parents.


Assertiveness Training (7 Weeks)

This program aims to facilitate women who are developing assertive interpersonal behavior in their homes, extended families, places of volunteer or paid work, and community.

Participants will discuss the challenges women experience in asserting themselves effectively, and will examine the importance of being assertive within the context of their lives and needs.

You will identify personal goals for which you will practice assertive scripts that target an objective goal (for example, asking for a pay raise); communicate a feeling; and maintain individual rights.

Role playing assertive responses to challenges will make it more likely that self-assertion becomes a way of life as a result of the training.

Building Your Self-Esteem

Intro to Building Self-Esteem is a great first step in understanding what self-worth is, learning where it comes from, and discovering what traps get in the way of feeling good about yourself. Discover the importance of maintaining a positive sense of identity and learn tools to improve self-esteem in order to live a more authentic and happier life. Building Self-Esteem workbook will be provided.

Healthy Responses to Anger  

Healthy Responses to Anger is a beneficial first step in learning to recognize your anger triggers, understanding that anger is mostly an expression of other, deeper emotions, and identifying potential coping skills to reduce the effects of anger in your life.

Understanding the sources of anger (stress, anxiety, fear…), recognizing the associated feelings and thoughts and developing effective responses are the overall goals of this program for both women and men. In addition to considering the root causes of anger, such as low self-esteem and poor modeling, the workshop will emphasize relationship-based anger and include practical exercises to assist participants in identifying anger sources and managing stress and anger responses.

Anger Management for Men (7 weeks)  

There are many emotions that contribute to our daily life. Sometimes we handle life with ease and sometimes we become angry during stressful situations. If managed inappropriately, anger is likely to negatively affect our physical and mental health. Repressed anger can disrupt relationships, affect thinking and behavior patterns and create a variety of physical problems, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, skin disorders, arthritis and digestive issues.

Channeled carefully, anger can help you achieve your goals. Misuse it and it will create difficulties that will keep you from becoming the kind of person you would like to be. If you feel stuck, come learn the patterns and triggers of your own anger and ways to express anger appropriately and constructively.

Anger Management for Women (7 Weeks)

There are many emotions that contribute to our daily life. Sometimes we handle life with ease and sometimes we become angry during stressful situations. If managed inappropriately, anger is likely to negatively affect our physical and mental health. Repressed anger can disrupt relationships, affect thinking and behavior patterns, and create a variety of physical problems, such as high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, skin disorders, arthritis and digestive issues.

Channeled carefully, anger can help you achieve your goals. Misuse it and it will create difficulties that will keep you from becoming the kind of person you would like to be. If you feel stuck, come learn the patterns and triggers of your own anger and ways to express anger appropriately and constructively.

The Wholehearted Journey – an experiential course based on the work of Brené Brown (6 Weeks)

The Wholehearted Journey is a six-week experiential course based on Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ model. Ana Rosa Zamora, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate, will engage participants with a highly experiential methodology that helps men, women, and adolescents learn how to show up, be seen, and live braver lives.

Throughout the course, Ana Rosa will explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. Participants will examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding them back and identify the new choices and practices that will move them toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus in this process is to develop shame resilience skills and deploy daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

Each two-hour session, participants will complete various exercises and exploratory discussions. Between each Tuesday-night class, participants will complete assignments that examine the core principles of the course. This course is ideal for someone who wants to create change in their life – to improve relationships with children and spouses, as well as to promote healthy communication in other relationships. Anyone with a desire to start living from a place of worthiness and to create better connections with others would benefit from this course.

The Daring Way™ for Clinicians and Coaches (2 Days)

We know that our best clinical work comes out of our very selves. We also know that we can only take our clients as far as we have gone ourselves. So many of the trainings we attend are for our clients. Please join us for this “clinicians and coaches only” training, during which you can feel comfortable to be vulnerable as you grow personally and therefore professionally.

Every day as clinicians and coaches we experience the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure that define what it means to be vulnerable. Based on the pioneering research of Dr. Brené Brown, this work dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. Vulnerability is indeed at the core of difficult emotions, but it is also the birthplace of creativity and innovation, authenticity, adaptability to change and accountability – the key elements that every clinician and coach needs to survive and thrive.

In The Daring Way™ for clinicians and coaches you will learn how to:

  • Cultivate practices for living more authentically and wholeheartedly as the person and clinician or coach we long to be
  • Practice courage and allow ourselves to be vulnerable
  • Exercise compassion and embrace empathy
  • Nurture connection with others by embracing who we are
  • Become grounded by a deep sense of purpose and guided by a resilient spirit

Please note: Attendance at this event does not mean participants have been trained by The Daring Way™ to deliver The Daring Way™ curriculum. Participants cannot promote themselves as being certified in The Daring Way™ as a CDWF-Candidate or CDWF. All Daring Way™ assets such as the participant curriculum, workbook, marketing assets, etc. are exclusively for use by CDWFs and CDWF-Candidates only. Coaches may be eligible to earn CCEUs designated by the ICF as Resource Development (RD) CCEUs (e.g. personal development, business building, or other material that falls outside of the ICF Core Competencies).

The Smart Split: What You Need to Know About the Legal Aspects of Separation & Divorce

Taking action to acquire information can provide comfort and empowerment in a time of uncertainty and transition. In this overview of the fundamentals of the divorce process in Virginia, an experienced family law attorney summarizes the important legal aspects of that process, including fault and no-fault grounds, child custody, spousal and child support, property and retirement asset division, health insurance and considerations for choosing an attorney.

Divorce 101: Information Strategies & Tips

Learn how to negotiate or mediate your Separation, Custody or Property Settlement Agreement without setting foot in a courtroom. A divorce attorney with 20+ years’ experience will guide you through a comparison of mediation and negotiation and provide mediation and negotiation tips you can use. The workshop will also cover strategies and pitfalls to avoid and a general discussion of the issues that are commonly addressed in an Agreement, from property to support to custody.

Divorce 102: Information, Strategies & Tips

This course picks up where ‘Divorce Without Litigation I’ leaves off and provides a more thorough discussion of Separation, Custody and Property Settlement Agreements. In addition to reviewing the provisions in an Agreement (custody, support, retirement and property), information will be provided regarding both standard provisions that are routinely found in all Agreements (“boilerplate provisions”) and creative provisions that are available to parties negotiating or mediating an Agreement.

Navigating Your Future Finances During Divorce

Financial decision-making can be hard enough when your mind’s not struggling with the kind of difficult emotions that go along with separation and divorce. In this workshop, your presenters will outline and simplify the many financial considerations you might anticipate so that you can make well-informed economic decisions in this otherwise challenging time. The class emphasizes creative equitable distribution and support alternatives, finding maximum tax savings, and comparing different solutions available in both mediation and litigation. Your workshop leaders are both Certified Divorce Financial Analysts™, attorneys, and Virginia-certified mediators and will help you find the confidence you need to navigate through the financial issues that will play a role in your separation or divorce and in protecting your financial future.

How to be Financially Smart During Divorce

Divorce can be very expensive and the decisions you make now will have significant and long term affects on your future. An expensive divorce can be financially devastating. This course will provide practical information that you need to make educated financial decisions. In addition, the course will offer tips to help you get through your divorce as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. We will provide an overview of the divorce process, discuss the pros/cons of pursuing different assets as well as the tax and financial implications of different strategies and answer your financial questions. This comprehensive seminar covers all financial components of the property settlement agreement.

Finding Emotional Strength During Separation & Divorce (6 Weeks)
Separation and divorce can be a stressful and overwhelming process but you are not alone!  Join others going through similar situations and learn effective ways to cope.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics in a safe, confidential and supportive setting.  Regardless of where you are in the process, this program will provide information and support and guide you toward a new beginning.

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